A downloadable game for Windows

A new take on Alice in Wonderland as a run'n gun platformer. Submission for Awful Summer Jam 2018.


Alice now has a son named Balice. He finds himself in Wonderland. But things are a little more EXPLOSIVE than when Alice had her adventures there.

Default controls:

Keyboard - z/c/cntrl/lmb to fire, x/space to jump, wasd/arrows to move

360 pad - A to fire, B to jump, dpad/left stick to move


The closer you are to an enemy when you shoot them, the more coins they will drop. Collect coins to fill your combo bar. Fill the combo bar to enter a powered up state. Every enemy you defeat in the powered up state increases your score multiplier for the rest of the level.

State of the Game:

There are still a few bugs. The worst I'm aware of is that on rare occasions falling off stage 3 will teleport the player far to the left of the map well out of view.

v1.3: Post-jam update. Story mode balanced to be slightly easier, and now uses checkpoints instead of mass lives. Bosses flash when hit. Player death more obvious. UI is larger. More tutorial/hints. Player jump smaller. Fixed gravity when walking off platform. Mouse locks to window. Stage 3 slightly brighter.

v1.2: Various enemies are easier, stage 2 has more enemies, various minor fixes, added quick score explanation to menu, added debug button

v1.1: Many gameplay tweaks, additional sound effects, bug fixes. Added pausing. Reduced file size. Game jam was extended by 1 day so may use the extra time for another update.

v1.0: initial release


BaliceInWonderland.zip 65 MB


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I liked the story, it was nice, and who is the person posing in the game ?